College of Engineering

The College of Engineering

The College of Engineering prepares the next generation of leaders in engineering and technology in a Learn by Doing environment.

From your first day on campus, you will be immersed in a project- and design-centered curriculum that stresses teamwork and multidisciplinary collaboration. Because of our strong partnerships with industry, students have opportunities to participate in real world, applied research projects that produce Day One-ready professionals.

CENG graduates are highly respected and recruited by some of the best-known companies in the U.S., such as Lockheed Martin, Google, Boeing, Cisco, Northrop Grumman, Apple, Tesla Motors, and many state and federal agencies. Our students go on to careers in computer engineering, aeronautics/astronautics, civil engineering, water quality engineering, product design, programming, electronics, biomedical engineering, project management, consulting, mechanical design, communications, and more.